Countries Where US Visa Services Are Suspended

US embassies and consulates operate in all parts of the sector. Facilitates visa processing. Individuals who wish to go to america with an immigrant or non-immigrant visa need to begin the procedure at the United States consulate of their us of a. However, from time to time due to herbal screw ups, wars or other motives, embassies and consulates ought to restrict their services or even visit them. There are some countries that get hold of restricted visa carrier from US Embassies and consulates There also are some international locations wherein visa offerings have been suspended. Also, there are international locations that do not have American embassies or consulates.

Countries Where visa offerings are suspended

Belarus – Minsk
Eritrea – Asmara
Libya, Tripoli

visa Services Are Suspended

As stated above, US embassies and consulates have suspended visa services because of herbal disasters and other motives. Please observe that US embassies and consulates closed for vacation or places where visa services aren’t available for a positive quantity of days aren’t listed right here.

Belarus, Minsk

Although for this united states of america, all visa services are suspended till similarly note, the USA Embassy in Minsk handles visa processing for a few non-immigrant visa applications that fall under the following classifications:

Visas: to be had exclusively to diplomats and government officials.

G visas: to be had to personnel and representatives in international organizations

B visas – completely for relatives of Belarusian diplomats serving in Belarusian diplomatic missions within the United States

Family visas and scientific emergencies that require immediate / pressing journey

Travel visas and applications subsidized with the aid of the US government.

Visas for people over 70 years vintage. More exact data may be acquired on the internet site of america Embassy in Minsk.

Individuals in Belarus making use of for non-immigrant visas can observe in individual at any US embassy or consulate in which an appointment is scheduled. Recommended sites for residents of Belarus are:

Embassy of the United States in Moscow, Russia

Consulate General of the US in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Embassy of the US in Warsaw, Poland; Embassy of the US in Kiev, Ukraine

Embassy of the USA in Vilnius, Lithuania

For exact information, all non-resident candidates can go to the embassy or consulate internet site. If you want to agenda an interview, you could contact the USA embassy or consulate at once where you would really like to ship a record. Also observe that immigrant visa services for residents of Belarus are provided on the United States Embassy in Warsaw, Poland.

visa Services Are Suspended

Eritrea, Asmara

As is the case for citizens of Belarus, even though all visa services are suspended till there is an legitimate be aware, the United States Embassy in Asmara is open to processing some non-immigrant visa packages simplest for the particular classes which are indexed underneath:

Visas: for diplomats and government officials

G Visas – for personnel and representatives of global organizations

F Visas – for college kids

J visas – for alternate site visitors

You can visit the internet site of america Embassy in Asmara for added info. Similarly, non-immigrant visa candidates dwelling in Eritrea have the choice of making use of in character at any US embassy or consulate in which an appointment has been scheduled, and the encouraged locations are the United States Embassy. In Cairo, Egypt, and the United States Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. Please be aware that immigrant visa offerings for Eritrean citizens are provided on the United States Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, and at the United States Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

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